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All types of truck driving jobs for owner-operators. Extreme Dispatch Service looks for the most lucrative loads for you based on your operations and business goals.

Truck Driving Jobs for Owner-Operators

If you’re looking for truck driver jobs with the best paying loads in America, we have great news: We are hiring truck drivers like you. Whether you are looking for owner operator truck driver jobs or you’re a part-time line haul trucker wanting extra loads, you too can maximize your business by partnering up with Extreme Dispatch Service. 

What Types of Jobs for Truck Drivers?

All types of truck driving jobs for owner-operators. Extreme Dispatch Service looks for the most lucrative loads for you based on your operations and business goals. Because we have been working hard in the industry for five years, Extreme Dispatch has access to different search platforms. This means that we can practically handpick the best loads out there. 

But we don’t stop there. Our capable, experienced dispatchers negotiate hard to get the best rate for every load. This way, you make more money per load than you otherwise would. More money in your pocket means a better bottom line for your business and the freedom to make bigger business decisions.

You’re in Good Company with Our Driver Hiring

Even if you have no experience with jobs for truck drivers or running a trucking business, you too can operate a successful trucking or transportation enterprise. Since our company is driver hiring, it’s an awesome time to partner up with qualified, seasoned dispatchers who know how to find the best loads at the best rates. It is an excellent opportunity indeed for beginners and veteran truckers to find well-paying truck driving jobs. 

You might think that it’s expensive to work with such professional and proficient dispatchers. What might surprise you is the fact that in many cases, it is more cost-effective to have Extreme Dispatch Service working with you than hiring your own full-time dispatch personnel. Not only would you need to rent space for them to work in, but you would also need to expend valuable time and resources in the recruitment process to find good dispatchers with good track records. By partnering up with Extreme Dispatch, you are automatically connected to an extensive network, as well as professional and dedicated dispatchers. Take advantage of our industry expertise and comprehensive services.

Why Are You Hiring Truck Drivers?

Very simple. It’s because what we set out to do is to help as many trucking business owners/operators make better money. So, even though we are “hiring” you, we are offering so much more than typical truck driving jobs for owner operators. What better way to extend our valuable aid than to reach out to you? This is just one of the ways Extreme Dispatch sets itself apart from the pack.

What many truck drivers have told us is that they have come to be distrustful because of not-so-positive experiences they have had with dispatch companies they have found – either online through a “dispatch companies near me” type search or other jobs for truck driver postings. They felt forced to take every single load the dispatch company sent them, even if it wasn’t right for them. Sometimes, they felt “taken in” because when they first talked to the dispatch company, they were promised the sun and stars, only to realize after signing up that their inflated expectations weren’t realistic for this industry. Extreme Dispatch doesn’t work that way. We believe that it is better to be honest and realistic than to promise something we won’t be able to deliver.

What You Get with Our Jobs

When we offer truck driver jobs for owner-operators, it comes with the exceptional administrative and business support Extreme Dispatch offers. What’s even better is that we also respect your autonomy as a business owner and tailor our services to your strengths and areas of improvement. Some of our truck drivers have developed their own way of doing things, such as negotiating their own loads. But where they really could use help is with managing all the paperwork and documentation that is required in this business. These folks want support in specific areas – and we are happy to give it to them. 

On the other end of the spectrum, some owner-operators just want to do what they do best: drive. Being on the road, delivering loads across the country and on time – this is what they signed up for. All the administrative requirements – paperwork, negotiations, and compliance, for example – only bog them down and prevent them from moving loads quickly and efficiently. In those cases, Extreme Dispatch provides comprehensive dispatch services so they can take on more loads and truly maximize their operations. Extreme Dispatch is thrilled to work with all kinds of trucking and transport businesses, providing spot assistance, full assistance, and everything in between.  We do everything we do so you don’t have to work harder because you will be working smarter…working BETTER.

This is truly company driver hiring with benefits. It’s a win-win situation.

Still Wondering About Our Jobs?

Have questions? Wondering how we would handle the specifics of your business and its objectives? Want to know more about how we can help you work smarter and better so you can earn more money? Worried about whether partnering with us is the right move for your business? Not a problem. We would be delighted to talk to you. We want to get to know your business, what you hope to achieve, and where you could really benefit from our services. 

We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk when it comes to giving people the straight goods. That’s why we want you to ask your questions and relay concerns you have had with other dispatch services in the past. You need to be able to put your trust in your dispatch company, and we are happy to earn that trust. We make sure we earn it with our truck drivers with every dispatch load, every day.

Talk to us today – you will soon understand why so many owner-operators rely on us to manage their documentation, find and negotiate loads, and much more.