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Hotshot Dispatch

A lot of people outside the trucking industry have no idea what goes into getting their equipment, appliances, and materials to them. At Extreme Dispatch Service, we know that hotshot drivers like you are really the “minutemen” of trucking, delivering loads to where they need to be on time. That’s why we offer top-notch hotshot dispatch services that can make all the difference when it comes to the bottom line for your hotshot trucking business.

Hotshot Dispatch Loads

Hotshot trucking, as a business, has its overlays, fees, and expenses. But, at the heart of it, much of your profitability will depend significantly on your ability to negotiate your rates and find the most lucrative loads. The problem is, on top of everything else you are doing, needing to turn your mind and efforts to searching and negotiating may feel like a time sink you can’t afford. If you are a business that is starting up, you may not have the best bargaining power or know-how for this part of the work. In many cases, you will find that hiring dispatch services for hotshot trucking is in your best interest.

Handling Hotshot Dispatch

Extreme Dispatch Service approach to hotshot truck dispatching is simple: We are here to help our clients get more money. We do this by searching for prospective hotshot loads on different platforms – some of which may not be accessible or recognized by people trying to arrange loads for themselves. Then, we try to negotiate the highest price so that loads are more profitable. Since time is money, we also help by saving clients the time and aggravation of navigating this area of the business so they can concentrate on doing what they do best: delivering the goods. Through our hotshot dispatch, we also deal with all the paperwork and more through our comprehensive trucking document management services.

A Cost-Effective Dispatch Service for Hotshot Truckers

For small and medium hotshot trucking companies, we can provide significant cost savings. As an alternative to hiring in-house, full-time dispatchers, we are actually cheaper in many cases – even less than it would cost for one in-house dispatcher. Your company does not have to make expenditures for office rental or dedicate time and effort to proper employee recruitment. Coupled with our industry expertise and access to valuable search resources for hotshot dispatch loads, this makes Extreme Dispatch Service a fantastic option for hotshot trucking businesses who want to see a better bottom line.

Extreme Dispatch Service and Other Hotshot Dispatch Companies

We have been providing high-quality dispatch services all over the trucking sector and throughout the United States since 2015. In that time, we have had many heart-to-hearts with our clients. What we discovered was that the biggest fears clients had about hiring a dispatch service for hotshot rather than handling everything themselves were the following:

  • Forced dispatch – This is when a trucker has no right to reject loads and is obligated to accept whatever load is offered to them. At Extreme Dispatch Service, we don’t want anyone to feel trapped this way, so we don’t lock clients in like that.
  • Wasted time and money for little to no benefit –  For small and medium businesses, especially those starting out, it’s a double-edged sword. Not only are they concerned about the dispatch service not being beneficial, but also that they will have expended time and money they could have dedicated to other parts of the business. Extreme Dispatch Service industry expertise, know-how, and dedication to clients mean that we will work hard to get you more money.
  • Puffed up expectations – Sometimes, companies will talk up what they can do and what they can get for clients in order to make themselves more attractive to business owners. Many hotshot truckers have had unreasonably high expectations, only to suffer disappointment (or worse, turn down otherwise profitable loads offered to them) when their business doesn’t skyrocket the way they may have been led to believe. At Extreme Dispatch Service, we don’t believe in sugarcoating. We give our clients the straight goods so they can make informed decisions based on reality.

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