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Your flatbed truck is a heavy-duty vehicle. As such, it supports our economy in ways that other vehicles simply cannot.

Construction projects that need piping, beams, frames and other bulky or oddly shaped items. Landscaping sites ordering huge quantities of materials and ballast. Any location in which a large piece of equipment is required. All of these applications call for heavy-duty logistics capabilities.

Here at Extreme Dispatch Service, we want to be your partner, providing you with the dispatch services you need to connect you and your flatbed with the clients who will benefit the most.

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The Benefits of Flatbed Dispatch Services

The flatbed truck dispatch services connect businesses with a wide range of benefits. These include the following:

Get more from your investment with flatbed truck dispatch

A flatbed truck is an expensive investment. Even after the truck is paid for, there are ongoing maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance premiums, and tax payments to consider. If you are able to use your truck in the right way, you will be able to achieve a serious return on your investment, securing significant profits in the long term. However, you need to make sure this is the case.

Flatbed dispatch services connect you with the revenue streams you need to secure this ROI. You will find that your investment is recouped far more quickly, and that your profits far outweigh the costs of running your truck, when you can rely on a dispatch service to connect you with jobs. Finding business on your own can be difficult, especially if you are not yet established or you are working alone as an owner-operator. This is why these services are so valuable to many drivers across the United States.

Achieve a more reliable source of income

As you grow and develop your business, you will find your mind turning towards the future. The future holds many possibilities for expanded scope and increased revenue, but you may encounter obstacles on the way. If you cannot reliably predict and prove your revenue, these obstacles are going to be all the greater. It will be difficult to attract investment without this, and you may not be eligible for business development loans, to name just two examples.

With a reliable flatbed dispatch service on your side, you will find that it becomes much easier to project and plan your future revenue. Your income becomes more consistent, and you can begin to set realistic milestones for growth and expansion. This is very difficult to achieve if you are searching for jobs and contracts on your own.

Work with the right clients

You love serving your clients and providing them with the kinds of results that really make them smile. The majority of your clients appreciate this and recognize the great work you do for them. Unfortunately, a majority means that there are still some clients who do not appreciate what you do and who may be difficult to work with.

With a dispatch service, there is an element of protection from this small minority of clients, and you are more likely to find work with trusted and reliable customers. You are also more likely to find jobs that suit your business and your equipment. You will be able to connect with clients that specifically need flatbed services, and to expand your business in these specialized areas.

Enjoy a more streamlined way of running your business

It can be difficult to go it alone and to have to search for work by yourself. If you are not yet an established name in the industry or you lack the time and resources required for high levels of promotion, these difficulties can be compounded.

Flatbed dispatch services eliminate this concern. You have a team who is on your side, helping you find as much or as little work as you need at any particular time. This represents a load off your mind. It also means you can simply focus on driving your flatbed.

Get a fair rate for your services

Here at Extreme Dispatch Service, we understand what it means to work as a truck driver. We understand how difficult and taxing this job can be, and we recognize the need for a fair wage and a fair rate. This is why we gear our dispatch services towards helping you achieve this.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve. With the right dispatch service, you should be able to effectively grow and develop your business without worrying being underpaid or underappreciated.

Choosing Extreme Dispatch Service to Provide Flatbed Truck Dispatch

We are proud of the dispatch services we provide to our clients. Our ethos is centered on reliability and honesty, and on giving you a service you can rely on so you can concentrate on getting the job done. Here’s what you can expect:

A comprehensive set of services: Our experienced team will help you and your flatbed find loads, negotiate with customers, manage billing and paperwork, and more.

Honest and reliable service: We do not make promises we can’t keep, nor do we keep you in the dark about anything. We are by your side every step of the way.

A personal approach to dispatch: We make sure you are supported when you work with our team. If you need anything more from us or are unhappy with anything we provide, let us know and we will strive to improve the situation.

Streamlined processes: You want the dispatch process to be as efficient as possible, and we have designed our procedures to reflect this.

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